Waterproof Solar Lights

Lights that are both water-resistant as well as solar-powered make for the perfect outdoor light. Opting for a light that is IP 65 will give you confidence that it will withstand jets of water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) from any direction. IP 66 offers protection against heavy seas or powerful jets of water and IP 68 is protected against complete, full and continuous water submersion. IP44 Lights protect against splashing and forceful water contact. If you’re looking for regular garden lights including uplights, pathway lights and tree lights, a rating of IP44 or higher should be aimed for. All of our lights in this category offer protection from the elements outside such as wind and rain and are IP 44 and above. If you're looking for something that needs to withstand flooding or similar extreme weather we suggest you choose an IP67 solar light. These lights are powered entirely from the sun, so there is no need for electricity main supply or batteries.