How to hang outdoor Christmas Lights

A simple guide to Christmas Lights

It’s the most wonderful time of the year- Christmas. The time when we all reach into our dusty attic and pull out the Christmas lights. Then you precariously balance on a ladder in front of our neighbours to hang your outdoor Christmas lights in front of them… very festive…

Make this year different. Transform your outdoor Christmas light display. With our new innovative displays and better safety tips; Christmas was never so easy. Read on to find out our best tips for a festive family home, this season.

Before beginning

Before climbing the ladder or dashing to the shops; there are a few things you can do to get the best out of your festive outdoor light display. The most time-consuming part of hanging Christmas lights is ensuring your keeping safe and that the lights are hung well. Follow these, and you’ll be switching them on in no time.

Photograph your house:

Although you may think you know what your house looks like, getting a photo helps you imagine where the lights might hang best. If you are browsing online, or in-store at Christmas lights, having a photo of the front of your house is a great reference point to decide what will work best.

Always measure:

Measure where you would like to hang Christmas lights outside your house. This will ensure you have enough to cover the places you want covering, so there are no odd bits with no lights. Always check your lead wire is close to the power supply, always accommodate for this when purchasing your outdoor lights. For windows and doors, measure each side.


Ensure your equipment is safe to use. This is both from the electrical equipment, as well as having a reliable stepladder if you’re placing lights in the gutter or on the roof.


If you’re pulling out last year's ones or have bought some new ones; always test each bulb works before hanging the lights. It will always be harder to fix once they are hung up. If there are any loose unsafe bulbs, always replace these as it can affect the whole circuit.

Outdoor Lights:

Not all lights are suitable for outdoor use. Familiarise yourself with outdoor lights IP ratings. The higher the IP rating, the better it can withstand outdoor conditions. For outdoor use, we always suggest a rating of IP44 or higher.


Before beginning make sure you have your extension lead handy, especially if your lights are powered from the mains.

Where to hang your Christmas lights

There are a number of festive and fun options when it comes to outdoor Christmas lights. From fairy lights with icicle effects to reindeer silhouettes on the lawn; choose from a variety of lights for that ultimate Christmas light display.

Gutter lights:

Perhaps the most universal, gutter lights are a great way to jump into the Christmas spirit, especially if you are new to outdoor Christmas lights. Always choose lightweight Christmas string lights, so there is no danger of the gutter pulling away from the wall.

Brick Walls:

If you wish to hang onto the brick exterior of your house, always drill into the mortar and not the brick; otherwise, it will crack. Begin with guide holes and drill slowly to avoid damaging the brickwork. Alternatively, for lightweight lights, a glue gun is sufficient, as it is weatherproof but leaves no exterior mark on your home.

Doorways and windows:

Outlining door and window frames is a great festive addition to the home. Try using outdoor decorating clips, which are discreet but strong in holding up a variety of lightweight lights.

Top tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas lights

Power Source:

Choose what method of power you would like to use for your lights. For simple and short string lights there are battery options available. Often people prefer connecting the lights to the mains electricity of the house, this may be more suitable for larger lights and ambitious displays!

The plug-in lights available now are more cost-effective and energy efficient. They have inbuilt timers meaning you can set the time period you wish your lights to be on!


Wires need to be long enough to reach over and illuminate the area you wish to be decorated. Choose a wire colour that will suit the background you are attaching it to. For example, white wires are available or window frame lights.


A variety of discreet and self-adhesive hooks are available to hang your lights with. Measure first and lightly mark where the light will need a hook support, carefully placing each hook at an equal distance from one another. For lighter lights, we suggest 40cm intervals or 20cm for heavier lights. Once you have decided, you can remove the adhesive layer and attach the hook to the surface.

Extra security:

If you’re in an area with possible storms or heavy winds, try securing your lights with additional plastic zip ties in between the placed hooks.

Alternative Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you’re not sure whether hanging Christmas lights are for you, or if you’re property simply isn’t suitable for it; there are many alternative festive options for your home exterior.


There are a variety of Christmas silhouette lights available. From reindeer to the full nativity scene, these can be placed on lawns, drives and on some level roofs, creating an enchanting scene on your home.

Solar Powered outdoor lights:

If the amount of energy use is worrying you, but you still want a piece of the festive fun, there are solar-powered hanging lights available. With the ability to still charge from UV on cloudier days, you can switch your white Christmas to a green one!

Tree lights:

If the front of your house has a gorgeous garden display or a grand old tree, try giving this a Christmas look. As well as hanging baubles on exterior trees, delicate battery-operated fairy lights can be hung amongst the branches and trunk.

Alternatively, if the branch is secure enough, you could try some more elaborate hanging lights, in the shape of stars. Equally, try ‘falling rain’ lights that give the effect of a glowing snow shower on your home!

When should I put up my outdoor Christmas Lights?

If the colder months are getting you down- we say it’s never too early to start getting festive. As they say, go and others will follow- you could be first on the street!

The tradition is often the second week of December, as schools start winding down for the Christmas holidays. But there is no steadfast rule. So, if it doesn’t anger the grinch down the road- no time is too early to get those lights switched on!

The Best Outdoor Christmas Lights

Every home is different. Whilst some may opt for the lavishly adorned festive house fronts; you may feel you suit a cosier Christmas vibe. There are so many lights to choose from and we suggest trying a range of ways to hang them, as gutter lights can serve to compliment, well-placed silhouette lights.

Cosy up indoors, with the peace of mind that your house is giving off the best Christmas glow on the street!

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