Outdoor Lighting Ideas for 2022

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

As the evenings stay warmer, the garden becomes a more enticing refuge at the end of a long day. There are garden parties and family BBQs to attend, and life feels that little bit sunnier. 

Don’t stop the party when the sun starts setting. Instead, create your own enchanting Garden space or trendy chic patio with carefully chosen outdoor lighting. 

Every Garden seating area needs stunning outdoor lights to continue the party and safety reasons. So don’t hold back on creating your perfect summer setting and try some of these magical garden secrets. 

Where to place Outdoor Lighting? 

Garden Lighting is all about the ambience. What feeling do you want to create in your garden space? Is it a magical fairy garden glow with carefully hung festoon lights? 

Or maybe something chic and contemporary for those late-night cocktail parties? 

Lighting is also about safety. Lanterns and LED ball lights are a great way to highlight steps and other trip hazards in the garden- without having to have a big yellow sign out!

Whatever you choose, remember the rule of three. A successfully lit outdoor area like a patio includes a range of lights at different levels. 

For example, floor lanterns, LED candles on the table, and delicate fairy lights attached to a wall or fence.

Lights at different levels; create warmth and atmosphere and provides safety for all your family and guests. Read on to try out some other suggestions to make your garden glow this summer!

Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

Flower-Bed Lighting

Illuminate your carefully curated Botanicals this summer, and show off Mother nature. Spike lands can be easily pushed into the soil to brighten any flower bed. 

Outdoor ground lights come in various styles, from dynamic, eye-catching shapes, to ones that conceal themselves amongst the flowers!

Solar Lights

Solar lighting and solar lanterns are great for designing your patio on a budget. With the sun doing the work during the day, installation of solar lighting is hassle-free, so you can start on your Garden activities, which are so much more important!

Solar-powered outdoor lighting can come in a range of designs. From bollard lights being a guide for a driveway to little globes illuminating your garden path- Solar lighting works for all garden design ideas!

Pathway lights

Walking around an enchanted Garden feels light something out of a fairy tale. Make it happen in your garden this summer by illuminating your garden path with carefully placed lights. 

There are many options to create this enticing effect. Bollard and post lights are the most popular, which can be installed at regular intervals down the part to create a harmonious look. Pedestal lights are also great for steps, levels, and walls.

Bollard lamps come in various styles to suit all garden looks, and solar-powered options are available to save on electricity!

Different Bulbs

Try a stripped back bare bulb book for a more vintage feel for your patio area. Their warm glow and exposed filaments create a timeless atmosphere in your garden. 

Joyously dropping down from the roof of your pergola or hanging gently on a fence, this will be an inviting illumination without a startling glare. 

Marry these plants with dark modern furnishings for an extra contemporary look. 

Equally, pair these bulbs with soft outdoor cushions for a festival feel!

Patio Pendant Lights 

If you want lighting that looks good, hanging garden lights add a dynamic edge to an outdoor space. 

Pendant lights can come in various styles, from ornate Moroccan-styled globes to minimalist glowing orbs- there is a pendant light to suit every garden party setting. 

Table Lamps

Outdoor Table lamps can create a great focal point for an outdoor seating area. A nautical-themed lantern will inject a traditional character into tired-looking wooden furniture on the patio. Choose from rustic materials such as wood, chrome and brass or copper finishes. 

Equally, dial up the romance without the safety hazard with LED candles and solar-panelled cube lights. Use either as a centrepiece for a Romantic soiree for two!

Patio Spotlights 

It is difficult to remember that subtlety is key with all the tempting options for lighting your outdoor space. Simple spotlights are sometimes all that is needed to give your outdoor area a stylish finish.

Spotlights can be added to decking, ceilings, and fences and provide lighting without the fuss. Are you proud of your garden furniture? 

Or particularly enamoured with your patio plants? The spotlight turns the attention back onto what matters to you in your garden!

LED or Incandescent? 

Style is important, but safety is essential. We think LEDs are the safest option for the garden. They do not emit nearly as much heat as incandescent lighting, so they are safer for children and curious pets. 

The garden is ideal for kick-starting your eco-friendly living with solar-powered lighting. 

Outdoor Lighting Decisions!

There are so many options for outdoor lighting – it is an easy area to get creative. First, decide what vibe you want this summer, from boho festival vibes to romantic meals- party all summer long in your beautifully lit-outdoor space.

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