Outdoor Lighting Inspiration For 2022

With the right outdoor lighting, you can create the most beautiful inviting ambience around your home - perfect for arriving home after a long day on a dark winter evening. Whether you have a traditional English cottage or a modern minimalist home, outdoor lighting helps to compliment the architectural style of the building to create a picturesque, idyllic and welcoming atmosphere. Below are some of our favourite outdoor and garden lighting styles to inspire your ideas for the around your home in 2022.

1. Solar Garden Lights

A solar garden light on a wooden stump.

Solar lights are a fantastic way to introduce functional and atmospheric lighting to your garden or outdoor space. These days, solar lights are available in all styles - whether they are portable lights, wall lights, or bollard lights. They are a great way to illuminate your garden or outdoor space without using electricity. They also do not require any electrical installation, so you can put them to use right away! (As long as you can charge them up!) 

2. Porch Lights


A box outdoor wall light mounted on a brick wall.

Porch lights & patio lights offer a simple yet effective way to add some grace and individuality to your outdoor spaces while also making a bold architectural statement. There are hundreds of styles available. They can be sleek and modern or stylish and traditional. Whatever the style of your external decor, outdoor lighting can be sophisticated, warming, and homely.

3. Garden Spotlights

A spotlight in a garden highlighting a tree.

You can really influence the purpose of your outdoor space with cleverly placed garden spotlights. You can create a dramatic scene by highlighting garden features such as sculptures or fountains. You can also create a more intimate and engaging setting for special occasions that last all through the night. Good lighting can be a difference maker during those special moments.

4. Outdoor Lanterns

A lantern style outdoor light amongst some grass.

Outdoor lanterns are a really easy way to add a little bit of light to your outdoor space. They can be simple & subtle, but they really can have a dramatic impact on the way that your garden, porch, or patio looks & feels. Today, outdoor lanterns are available in all shapes, sizes, & styles. However, we especially enjoy the rustic, traditional designs paired with Edison light bulbs.

 5. Post & Bollard Lights

A post light highlighting a driveway.

Bollard lights and post lights have long since been a secret amongst luxury hotels and affluent homeowners. It is a simple & effective way to set your entrances apart from the crowd, & create a whimsical, charming trail that leads to your door. We are glad that we began to catch on to this lighting scheme.

6. Decking Lights

A recessed ground light on a patio.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have an outdoor area that features charming decking. If you are, we have to recommend that you invest in some recessed decking lights. These lights are practical, they are robust, & yet they are elegant. Modern recessed decking lights help to create a wonderful ambience and provide a stunning visual effect in a range of outdoor areas.

7. PIR Lights

A PIR outdoor light mounted on an exterior wall.

Home security is just as important now as it ever was, and outdoor lighting is a great way to ensure your family feels safe at home. Modern PIR light technology has taken huge strides in function & design over the past few years. Now, there are plenty of stylish and discreet PIR lights that will not spoil the overall look of your home.

8. Contemporary Wall Lights

A lamp style outdoor light mounted on a shed wall.

Outdoor lighting does not always need to emphasise your personal design tastes and architectural prowess. It does not need to complement your domestic decor, or fit in with the latest trends. Sometimes, modern tech can just be something you enjoy and something that works. Today, contemporary outdoor lighting is available in any size, any style, and can be installed anywhere, anyhow. If you want something you can enjoy for years to come, there are a great range of outdoor lights available. Some come with WiZ connected modules for customising mood lights and playful setting. There are even lights with integrated Bluetooth speakers, so you can play your favourite music while you enjoy the peace & quiet of your garden. The choice is really up to you.

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