Why won't my outdoor security light turn off?

A pair of solar lights amongst grass and flowers.

A poorly functioning outdoor light can ruin your garden paradise!

Garden lights flickering on and off at any slight breeze, staying on or off unexpectedly. You can fix this with ease and with little to no cost. 

What's wrong with my security light? 

There are a few common problems that can arise with security lights, and they're all easy to fix at little to no cost! These issues could be: 
  • Lights staying on 
  • Flickering Lights 
  • Lights don't come on 
  • Overly Sensitive light 
Before rushing out to replace your exterior light, try these simple and quick solutions. 

Quick solutions for fixing your garden lights 

Security lights tend to use PIR Sensors, commonly referred to as motion sensors. These sensors work by monitoring the heat energy in the area around them, they commonly work in pairs, and any difference in the heat between them will trigger the sensor and thus activate the light. Here are some simple solutions to solve your problem! 
  1. There may be something stuck near the sensor, causing it to malfunction! Simply remove the object and voila your issue is solved! 
  2. Similarly, if the sensor is covered in dirt and grime, it may be affecting the sensor's ability to read the heat in the area, causing it to trigger incorrectly. A good clean should fix this issue! 
  3. It may sound simple, but as the saying goes "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" simply try turning it off and on again to reset the sensor. 
If none of these is a help, you can try adjusting the sensitivity of the light. 

Adjusting the sensitivity of your security light 

The sensitivity of the light can be adjusted for a few metrics. These are commonly labelled as LUX, which is the sensitivity to light, TIME, which is the amount of time the light will stay on when triggered and SENSI, which is the sensitivity of the light. These can commonly be adjusted by 3 knobs located on the back of the sensor. 

Have a fiddle with these settings and you'll be able to find the right sensitivity for your outdoor light! 

Solving the issue of a pesky flickering light 

A flickering light can be one of the most irritating things in the world, luckily, 9/10 it's a very simple fix. Simply remove the bulb that is flickering and try putting it back in again, ensuring it is tightly screwed in, a flickering light can be an indication that the bulb has a loose connection caused by not screwing in the bulb tightly. If the issue remains, try replacing the bulb with a new one. Bulbs tend to flicker when they're reaching the end of their life.

If unfortunately non of this works, you may have a loose wire in your light causing an issue. If you wish to do it yourself, then ensure your electricity supply is turned off and check the connections for any damage. We recommend for any complex wiring issues, you contact an electrician to ensure you keep yourself safe! 

Sensor light staying on 

As mentioned earlier, motion sensors are activated when they detect a change in heat in the area. It is possible that a new addition in your garden is generating more heat than the sensors were initially calibrated for, causing it to activate unwantedly. Look around your garden for anything new that may be causing this and move the object. 

If this doesn't solve the issue, turn the system off via the circuit breaker for 30 seconds. Once turned back on, the system should reset and the light should go off. 

Security light not coming on 

If your security light is not coming on, it could be due to a sensitivity issue as mentioned before, or there may be a light source tricking it into thinking it is daytime. Check that any new wall lights installed in your garden aren't in direct view of your sensor causing it to trigger unexpectedly. You may have installed an LED light in direct view of your sensor, these lights can generate a lot more light than standard bulbs and thus may be your issue. 

Move the light you think may be the cause of the issue and see if that has fixed your issue. 


Keeping your security light is vital to ensure the security of your home, taking a few minutes to read this article could be the solution you need for your home security. The key points to remember are: 
  1. Ensure your sensor is clean and free from objects, dirt and grime. 
  2. Ensure you calibrate your sensor after altering something in your garden, it's very possible this will interfere with your sensor. 
  3. Switching it on and off again is always an option worth trying, it might just save you a ton of money. 

Our lighting recommendations 

Here are our best-selling security lights for your home, in case you're in the market for one or want an upgrade. We also sell a variety of outdoor lighting solutions, including outside wall lights, post and bollard lights, solar lights, and ground lights.

Eglo - Pagino LED Flood Light with Sensor 

The Pagino is a modern LED security floodlight, with a sleek and slim black design, large powerful LED panel and PIR motion sensor. 

This security light is made from high-quality plastic and the LED panel offers 2300 lumens. It is a powerful security floodlight that is ideal for lighting up entrance areas, gardens, large drives and more. 

The integrated PIR motion sensor activates the LED light panel when movement is detected. It has a 150 ° detection angle and a detection range of 12m. The sensor can be rotated to ensure the area you need it to observe is covered. 

Lutec- Shrimp II Outdoor LED PIR Floodlight  

The Shrimp II is a classic LED security floodlight design featuring two light heads that are mounted on ball joints. The lighting heads can be adjusted individually to point wherever required to provide the most efficient coverage for your outdoor space. Ideal for use above porches, doorways, driveways, on outbuildings and in gardens, the Shrimp II LED security floodlight is part of the InMotion range and features a PIR sensor which activates the lights when movement is detected. The adjustable PIR has a 120° field of view and a detection range of up to 15 metres. Producing 1360 lumens of brilliant, bright light, these fixtures will flood outdoor areas with light to provide excellent visibility and act as a deterrent. 


  • Joe Raishbrook

    Hi, brought one of your lights a couple of years ago it is out of warranty it still works but it doesn’t turn off. I’ve reset it and if you go up the garden in the evening it triggers on but does not turn off. I’ve made sure there was nothing triggering the movement detector Would it be possible if anyone could shed some light on my problem it’s only a small light wide. It worked fine for the first two years just hoping that someone can help don’t really don’t want to go and buy another one if this one can be fixed
    Thank you

  • Suzanne flynn

    I have the same problem as Don Williams
    My security sensor light won’t turn off

  • Don Williams

    My outside sensor light stay on all day. Doesn’t turn off.

  • Gary Hearne

    I cannot get my sensor light to turn off on its own. I have cleaned and adjusted it. It works on test. but doesn’t turn off at night time. Can you please help me.

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